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En el amor no hay fronteras

canciones (songs):
Lado A (side A)
1. En el amor no hay fronteras
2. El gran escenario
3. Te amo, Jesús
4. Quiero estar en tu Reino

Lado B (side B):
5. María, la esclava
6. Tú me amas y yo te amo
7. Enciendeme la lampara
8. Mi Jesús amado

(c)(p) 1984 Jose Franco

Gloria y honor a ti, Señor

canciones (songs):

Lado A (side A)
1. Gloria y honor a Ti, Señor
2. La Madre que Jesús nos dió
3. Quiero Señor
4. El Creador
5. Camino al Calvario***

Lado B (side B):
6. Bendiciones
7. Papa, te quiero
8. La Tercera Persona
9. Tus Huellas y Mis Huellas***
10. El Hombre y El Mundo

(c) 1996 José Franco
***(c) 1996 Jose Franco y Blanca Peña
sr(c)1996 Cheito
(p)1996 Christian Recordings

Eres todo para mí

canciones (songs):

Lado A (side A)
1. Eres todo para mí
2. Quiero volver
3. Tú me amas y yo te amo
4. Yo camino con Jesús
5. Mi barca y yo

Lado B (side B):
6. Enciéndeme la lampara
7. En el Amor no hay Fronteras
8. Eres Santo, Señor
9. Te Amo, Jesús
10. Madre, para ti una flor

sr(c)2000 Cheito
(c)2000 José Franco
(p)2000 Christian Recordings

Como cambia la vida

canciones (songs):
1. Cómo cambia la vida
2. ¿Dónde estabas tú, Jesús?
3. El dolor de un Madre
4. Santo Espíritu
5. Confío en Tí, Señor (Eres Tú)
6. Hazme humilde
7. Tú me amas y yo te amo
8. Queremos un nuevo día
9. Pienso en Tí, Señor
10. Pueblo elegido
11. Perdóname, Jesús
12. En el gran escenario (amarnos así)

sr(c)2003 Cheito
(c) 2003 José Franco
(p) 2003 Christian Recordings

Por tu misericordia

Canciones (songs):
1. Por tu misericordia
2. Quiero estar en tu Reino
3. Eres Jesús
4. Yo te alabo, Señor
5. Espíritu de Amor
6. Tu Gloria Brilla
7. Espíritu de Dios
8. Misericordioso eres Tú
9. Sanaste a mi alma
10. Jesús de la misericordia
11. Criaturas de Dios
12. Intro
13. Llanto en el silencio

sr(c)2007 Cheito
(c) 2007 José Franco
(p) Christian Recordings

José Franco
- Director of choir, singer
Jose has written some of the best christian music I've heard. His lyrics are rooted with his beliefs. His voice is heard on tracks, "Yo te alabo, Señor". and also "Yo Camino Con Jesús". His compositions are meant as ministry, but if you look deeper. His ministry is not just to the congregation but also its members who have gone on to become important responsible members in society. When I first contacted Jose it was to record his voice alone; however, he insisted to share the songs. "These songs are for everyone to listen and to sing." And many times he has qouted the bible saying, "He who sings to God, prays two times."

Roy Reyes
- 1st Guitarist, Bassist, Singer
Classically trained guitarist, Roy has helped the group with numerous concerts and recordings. He has fascinated congregations with his upbeat bachata/merengue stylings. His stylings are such as Joe Pass, well known fingerpicking guitarist. He has an surprising wide vocal range as noted in the song, "Llanto en el silencio".

Joaquin Bustillo
- Singer
Joaquin has a beautful baritone voice. His rendition of "La Tercera Persona" was perfect. Also he can be heard on "Llanto en el Silencio". Joaquin has been involved in every project as well as going on ministry trips with the group. He has been a constant contributer bring talent, humor, humility and warmth.

Berenice Abreu
- Singer
Berenice's voice can be heard throughout all 5 productions. It is a superior voice that mesmerizes congregations. Her voice is characterized as the Wow factor. When you listen to it, you want to hear more. Her voice is heard on "En el amor no hay fronteras". Both versions she does an incredible interpretation. Her bachata song, "Quiero Volver" magnificent. On "Tu me amas y yo te amo" which is a salsa version of the original, she shows off her ability to do salsa. Although she does many different styles of music great. Listening to her do salsa Christian is amazing. On the last album she did, "Tu Gloria Brilla". And she made the song shine.

Cleiry Cruz
- Singer
This former "Chicas de Kan" singer
has sung with us and now has finished her first
solo Christian album

Rosa Romero
- Singer
Rosa is very dedicated to Grupo Maranatha. Her voice is one that will always receive applause. Her voice is compared to Selena, Ana Gabriella, La Lupe and other great well-known singers. Her voice is heard on the 3rd GM album, "Yo camino con Jesus" and on the 4th GM album, "El dolor de una Madre", "Santo Espiritu" and Hazme Humilde.

Victor Feliz
- Singer and speaker
Victor has a baritone voice which is absolutely charming. In the song, "Mi Barca y Yo" along with the background vocals of Zeilin, Rosemary and Esmeralda; Victor gives a beautiful meditative rendition of the song. This is a member of the group for a long time. He has a great compassion for helping others. It is with this desire to serve he became a police officer. He is a constant figure at the church and every event the church has in and out. He has done several missionary trips to other countries. His writing speeches such as the "Intro" on the 5th GM album note his strong writing skills. Jose Franco who recited the speech on the recording was very proud to recite Victor's speech. Victor will always be a member of GM. It is as like many others, he is family.

Zeilen Perez
- Professional Singer
Zeilin started with GM as a child. Now she is a fully developed singer, singing backup for Milly Quezada and her own bachata group. She is an expert choreographer and an invaluable talent for Grupo Maranatha. Her lead vocal on GM's 3rd album, "Eres Tu" is a soulful song which required a Mariah Carey angelic voice. Zeilin did a marvelous interpretation. Her amazing lead voice on other tracks such as "Espiritu de Diós" and inspired background harmonies has become icon to what the GM sound is.

Yrcania Guerra
- professional singer
Yrcania is a professional singer with Milly Quezada. Her voice is the Tina Turner of the Christian Spanish scene. She has an amazing powerful voice. Listen to "Como cambia la vida" and "Pueblo Elegido" on the 4th GM album." On the 5th album, she has done an amazing job on track 8 "Misericordioso Eres Tu". Her rendition of a meditative voice is superb. She is the passion of GM. Bringing vigor and charisma. Her voice at live concerts is amazing. Just when you would think that would be enough, Yrcania surprises everyone by getting a master's degree in Education. This wise and gifted talent is taking on the world in a big way.

Rosemary Reyes
- singer
Rosemary, one of the original GM as a little girl, has been and forever will be the one who turned Grupo Maranatha into a choir of harmonies. She was consistent intackling hard harmonies. As I listen to the sound which is Grupo Maranatha's beautiful voices I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Rosemary doing a lot of the backup and laying out the support for other singers to shine, all of this would have not had the impact it now has. Her sacrifice with little recognition has not gone unappreciated. Thank you. Although her backups are heard throughout the albums. Listen to "Llanto en el Silencio" to hear her small solo part. It is a beautiful voice.

Sally Diaz
- Entrepreneur & professional singer
One of the biggest members of the choir is Sally. She is generous with her help and is absolutely a has a beautiful voice. If it wasn't for Sally, bringing in a new element, the sound of Grupo Maranatha would just be boring. Her magnificent voice can be heard on, "Tu me amas y yo te amo". During the live shows, she sings with her daughter, Katherine Cespedes, various songs. During this age when you have singers with a lot of attitude and no talent. Sally is a fresh breath of air bringing a beautiful voice and beautiful personality.

Katherine Cespedes
- Singer/College Student
Katherine is an amazing individual. She has absolutely all the talent needed to make a successful career in the music industry. However, her passion for more important work is priority for her and is much respected. Her song on the blue GM album is "Madre, para ti una flor". The song is a mother's day song and her mom, Sally Diaz, sings backup for her own daughter. Magnificent harmonies during live concerts is what is best remembered. However, I've heard the soulful (Christina Aquilera) voice of Katherine and hope for a more challenging song for her.

Nathalie Mendez
- Singer (RIP)
During her brief recording, she recorded one of the most important songs in GM's repertoire. "Papa, te quiero" was performed on father's day for her own dad. The song brought about the healing that is needed between a daughter and dad. That day, there wasn't a dry eye in the congregation. And afterwards, a happier time was had. You can hear the joy in her voice on "Te amo, Jesus" as she sings backup with her sister, Yinette Mendez II. Nathalie passed away at a really young age, due to chronic illness. Her contrbution is here as sweet memory of her talent. As we moved on to do further projects it is evident that she is missed.

Yinette Mendez
- Professional Singer
Yinette has a consisten great voice. It captivates a congregation each and every time. She has been with the choir for many many years. Her best renditions are "Sanaste a mi alma", "Te amo Jesus" and "La Madre que Jesus nos dio"

Ada Perez
- Singer
The first time I saw Ada Perez was at my studio. Here came this small young baby faced girl, who sang like an angel. She blew me away. I was amazed at her voice. The song "Bendiciones" reveals her great merengue voice. However; she has more to offer. Her voice is that of Witney Houston, Keisha Coles, and other modern singers.

Michelle Gonzalez
- profession singer
The prodigy known as Michelle has an outstanding voice. It is rooted in R&B yet she can do merengue and bachata effortlessly. It is no surprise she was accepted into the highest performance arts high schools in the country. She currently perrforms with a professional band as well as is one of the lead voices with La Creacion, her main choir. It was an extreme delight working with such a marvelous voice. Her song on the 5th album was "Yo te alabo, Señor" and "Criaturas de Dios".

Esmeralda Beato
- Singer
Esmeralda was one of the beginners with the band. She has a very nice voice extremely in pitch. It is said that she is the next bachata voice. Although she didn't do solo's her work on the harmonies of the 3rd GM album has helped to define the group's sound. Esmeralda is also a writer. She has written very good Christian songs. Hopefully in the future congregations through out the world will be inspired by them. Her biggest effort was in shaping "En el amor no hay fronteras". It is a very well known song in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. And it was her patience and consistency which made the blue album a success.

Miguel Rodriguez
- singer
Miguel joined Grupo Maranatha for the 4th album. He has been a constant member since. His voice is a warm baritone voice. His voice is on the sone, "Llanto en el silencio". There are a lot of songs Miguel does very well. During live performances he is a team player and a good friend to all of the choir.

Wanda Valdez
- singer
Wanda is a budding singer, she helps out with choir practice and on the music ministry trips. She is a great person to be around. She has a nice voice which needs to be put out there more. I'm sure that as she spends more time with the choir it will develop into something more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. You can hear her spoken word on "Tu me amas y yo te amo" on the 4th (red) album.

Yinette Mendez II (Yinecita)
- Professional Singer
Yinecita's voice is incredible. Also, her attitude is incredible as well. During the early years she was not scheduled to record but she also went inside the recording room to sing. So, it became obvious to all of us, to let her sing. On Te amo Jesus she is singing with her sister and on "Llanto en el silencio" she starts the song off. She is a marvelous person. Now she is a full professional singer.

Music and Video Producer
Studied at BBC and CNY, as well as with top vocal instructors for the stars. I concentrate on arranging, Production, Publicist and finding new talent. All of the songs were arranged and produced by me. I write read music. I am a member of ASCAP and Local Musicians Union 802. Currently I do vocal coaching, sound engineering and art. Here's a list of my favorites:
"Quiero Volver"
duet with Berenice Abreu
"En el gran escenario"
duet with Berenice Abreu
"Sanaste mi Alma"
guitar with Yinette Mendez
"Tu Gloria Brilla"
Vocal Arrangement
"Tu me amas y yo te amo"
salsa arrangement
"Te amo Jesus"
merengue arrangement.